NEOCAST SCSeries of products are standart castables. This castable mixed by refractory aggregate and refractory cement as a main binder. This product usually contains of more than 4 % CaO. Generally, these products are applied for Boiler furnaces, general use in industrial furnaces, steel Industries, etc, which no critical condition and no attach of chemicals, slags, etc.

SC-series have various type, depends on MST (Max Service Temperature). There SC-14 SC-16 SC-18. The number next SC its stands for temperature service. For example, SC-16 service temperature is 1600°C.

Before use neocast castable for your refractory plant, that plant need for RDO first. RDO its stands for Refractory Dry Out. Technically RDO is the process for removing mechanical water and chemical water from the refractory plant.

Neocast Castable SC-series its original product from PT Benteng Api Technic, for your refractory material solutions.